Current Issue
Volume 10, Issue 3

Cover Story: Marston Cartridge Derringers

Marston Cartridge Pistols. A Gibbs Rifle, Mont Storm Conversions, Van Choate Conversions

Volume 10, Issue 2
Ruger’s Old Model Army, William, Samuel and Charles Smith – British Gunmakers

Volume 10, Issue 1
Selmar Eggers – Harpoons to Darts, A Confederate Naval Cutlass

Volume 9, Issue 6
Bullet Bows, Colt .22 Cal Peacemaker/Frontier, War and Peace

Volume 9, Issue 5
Sylvester Roper Arms, Colt "Frontier" .22s, Walker Survivors

Volume 9, Issue 4
Part II of the Model 1811 Army Pistol, Further Finds on Eprouvettes, Perry Breechloading Firearms

Volume 9, Issue 3
Confederate Griswold Revolver, Bill Ruger’s Bearcat Story

Volume 9, Issue 2
The Smith & Wesson Model One Revolver, The Hollifield Dotter

Volume 9, Issue 1
Ernest Hemingway's Last Gun, The Ruger Blackhawk Series, The Gastrap M1

Volume 8, issue 6
German WWI Rifle Grenades, Berdan's First Bolt-Action Rifle, Colt 2nd and 3rd Generation Percussions

Volume 8, Issue 5
The H&A Vest Pocket Derringer, Luger Snail Drum Magazine, Gallager Carbine

Volume 8, Issue 4
Joseph Perkin Arms the Revolution, Collecting Lugers

Volume 8, Issue 3
Joseph Perkin Arms the Revolution, Collecting Lugers

Volume 8, Issue 2
Brass Pan Springfields, Lugers

Volume 8, Issue 1
The Palmetto Rifle, Duplicate Serial Numbers

Volume 7, Issue 6
The Cantarini air pistols and Finnish Lugers

Volume 7, Issue 5
The Ultra-Rare .45 National Revolver and Swiss Lugers

Volume 7, Issue 5
The Ultra-Rare .45 National Revolver and Swiss Lugers

Volume 7, Issue 4
Superimposed Flint Pistols, Luger Manufacturers

Volume 7, Issue 3
1812 Muskets, the Leonard Rifle Story

Volume 7, Issue 2
Washington’s Pistols, Early Colt Automatics

Volume 7, Issue 1
OSS Colt Pistol, Tuning Fork Wheelock German Powder Flasks

Volume 6, Issue 6
In this issue- Toepperwein's Patent Rifle, Civil War Machine Guns, a German Drill Rifle and two article by Charles Pate

Volume 6, Issue 5
In this issue, The Sisterdale Revolver, the Cupfire Solution, Part II Hall Accoutrements and a documented Sharps Carbine

Volume 6, Issue 4
In this Issue, Australian Colt Navys, German Indirect Firing Devices, Austrian Lugers and many other subjects

Volume 6, Issue 3
This issue features an article on the Pauly Ignition System, A Japanese Sharps, Shot Towers, Grotesque Mask Buttcaps and Civil War Flying Machines-- all that in addition to our regular features.

Volume 6, Issue 2
This issue features an article on Confederate Torpedoes, the Dasch Airgun, a well-traveled Spencer Carbine, an unusual Vickers Luger and a comprehensive cover of early Maynard cartridges, all that in addition to our regular features.

Volume 6, Issue 1
This issue features another preview article on Bob Jordan’s forthcoming book on Colt M1851 Navies, a nostalgic article on Shooting Gallery Rifles, an article on World War I German catapult grenades, Civil War Rocketry, the Creamer/Jim Bridger Story – all that in addition to our regular features.

Volume 5, Issue 6
In this issue; Deringer, an American Classic, a "teaser" article on Bob Jordan's Colt Navy book, Colt Powder Flasks and early U.S. Bolt action rifles

Volume 5, Issue 5
In this issue, The Nepperhan Mystery, Hugo Borchardt, Intrepid Genius, Illuminating the Battlefield and Part 2 of the Harston Story.

Volume 5, Issue 4
In this issue, Calisher and Terry's Pioneer Bolt Action Rifle, Winans Steam Gun and the Mexican Mondragon Rifle

Volume 5, Issue 3
In This Issue - Confederate Use of the Mass. Arms Adams Revolver, Charles Moore, London Gunmaker and the conclusion of the Daniel Wesson patent saga.

Volume 5, Issue 2
In this issue - A Galaxy of Starrs, the final installment of Bob Pershing's Colt series and George Lovell's pistol by Bob Carswell; also part 1 of the Rollin White Court Case

Volume 5, Issue 1
This issue features a lead article on Civil War Hand Grenades; Part 5 of Bob Pershing's series on the percussion Colt Story; an article on Saluting Cannons and an article on Colt's first cartridge revolver

Volume 4, Issue 6
In this issue, Gilbert Smith's Rifle, Webley's No. 5 Revolver and Part 4 of Bob Pershing's series on Colt- Evolution vs Transition

Volume 4, Issue 5
In this issue, Part 2 of Frank Graves Springfield Arms/Warner story, Bob Carswell on the Webley Mk 6 and an extensive article on Signaling during the Civil War

Volume 4, Issue 4
Warner and the Springfield Arms Co,; A Japanese Walker and Part II of Bob Pershing's Colt - Evolution vs Transition

Volume 4, Issue 3
Nock Volley Gun, Colt-Evolution vs. Transition, Pacific Coast Militia Rangers, Japanese Balloon Invasion and A Condemned Colt Army.

Volume 4, Issue 2
Guns of the Market Hunters; William H. Davenport; Remington Rolling Blocks and Norwich Gunmakers

Volume 4, Issue 1
Details on the Blakslee cartridge carrier and an article on flintlock volley pistols by Matthew Schneiderman.

Volume 3, Issue 6
A Kirby Knuckleduster, C.L. Dragoons, and Walker Colt

Volume 3, Issue 5
The Schenck Hair Trigger Conversion and More on Prescott Firearms

Volume 3, Issue 4
Schneider's Masterpiece Air Rifle Prescott's Navy Revolver

Volume 3, Issue 3
William A. Thornton and Paterson Shotguns

Volume 3, Issue 2
The Linder Carbine by Ed Hull

Volume 3, Issue 1
North and Savage Longarms by Staff

Volume 2, Issue 6
Thomas Bacon in Norwich by Dick Salzer, Texas A&M Trapdoors by Charles Pate, Branded Muskets by Staff, Italian Revolvers by Bob Carswell

Volume 2, Issue 5
Merrill, Latrobe and Thomas Carbines by Frank Harrington and Ed Hull, Single Shot U.S. Martial Pistols - Part II by Leland Bull, Jr., Garrett Pistols, Michael Briggs

Volume 2, Issue 4
Cover Story - Henry Hammonds Muscular Guns by Staff. Also, U.S. Single Shot Martial Pistols by Lee Bull, Little Guys in Hats by Matthew Schneiderman and Early English Breechloaders by Mike Clark.

Volume 2, Issue 3
In this issue Mass. Arms Co. - The Early Years, Paterson Longarms by Bob Pershing, Murder at Madison Square Garden by Erik Goldstein

Volume 2, Issue 2
This issue features articles on The Dance Brothers of Texas; Captured by Forrest by Charles Pate; Eprouvettes by Dick Salzer and Colt Cylinder Engraving by Bob Pershing as well as our regular features.

Volume 2, Issue 1
This issue contains comprehensive articles on Daniel Moore's National Revolver by Philip Boulton and on the firm of Blunt & Syms by Dr. James Whisker in addition to other articles and the usual features.

Volume 1, Issue 6
Volcanic Ammunition, Webley Revolvers, Armed Images plus the usual features

Volume 1, Issue 5
Colt's Dragoon Revolver, Tinder Lighters, Webleys and Colt Armies at Fort Pickens plus the usual features

Volume 1, Issue 4
Cover Story - Colt Brevetes by Roy Marcot and Ron Paxton, The Key to the American West by Dr. Robert Beeman and Collecting Glass Target Balls

Volume 1, Issue 3
Team Creedmoor- Americas First Sports Heroes by Staff, Deringers Deringers by Frank Graves and Gyrojets by Mel Carpenter

Volume 1, Issue 2
Plus INSPECTORS CARTOUCHES- COLT MODEL 1860 ARMY by Charles Pate; COLT'S TOOLROOM IN THE 1870's by Dick Salzer and a new regular feature - ENTRY POINT, in which we explore areas of collecting that are suitable for newer collectors. this month it's SINGLE-SHOT BOYS RIFLES. Plus all of our regular features and for the first time, a click-on video link.

Volume 1, Issue 1
This month's issue includes our feature article, "Patent - Circumventions and Infringements" along with an article about the use of airguns in German drinking establishments by Larry Hannusch, one on using the mysterious Thuer Conversion tools and a fourth article on one of the most interesting and fascinating guns you'll ever see.