Article Guidelines

We encourage our readers to submit articles for our magazine.

The following are Guidelines and Conditions for preparing articles for Arms Heritage Magazine:

  1. Articles should be 2 to 8 pages in length with emphasis on color photos.  Photos should be fairly high resolution to facilitate editing.  It’s our opinion that readers prefer pictures to words.
  2. Articles should be informative and have a point.   In general, articles about relatively common guns with inscriptions, no matter how sexy or with rambling histories are generally of interest only to their owners.  The exception might be cover photos and a small “cover photo blurb”.
  3. All articles will be reviewed and vetted by individuals of known expertise.  Submitted articles are subject to corrections, revisions, grammatical editing and or additional information being provided.  Any major changes will be discussed with authors prior to publication.  Once an article has been accepted and run through the process of vetting, editing and layout it becomes the property of Arms Heritage Magazine.
  4. A list of Further Reading sources should be included, where practical, at the end of each article.
  5. ARMS HERITAGE MAGAZINE will retain copyrights to all published article unless otherwise agreed to prior to publication.
  6. Photos must be clear with neutral backgrounds and in color.