Who We Are

We are a group of aging, somewhat demented, lifelong arms collectors who have come together to try and enter the modern world of information technology.  It appears that this is the future of publishing and as we try to invent our magazine, we ask you, our readers, to participate by offering your ideas and suggestions.


Mike Carrick is a former staff editor for Gun Report where he conducted the The Powder Flask, the question and answer feature.  He will fulfill that same role for Arms Heritage.  He is a well-known arms collector, author and big game hunter using flintlock or wheelock firearms

David Carroll is an expert on19th and 20th century Smith & Wesson Arms, a collector of fine, engraved handguns and a dealer in collectible S&W arms.  He is in his fifth year as president of the Collector Arms Dealers Association (CADA).

Frank Graves is a collector of fine percussion arms and a frequent author.

Flem Rogers is a student and lecturer on Texas arms and history.

Dick Salzer is a former staff editor for Gun Report where he wrote the Accoutrement Corner column for more than 10 years, he has written more than 60 articles on arms collecting for various magazines and is the founder of Arms Heritage Magazine.

Editorial Staff

Dick Salzer, Editor

Bob Carswell is a specialist on British and other European handguns and longarms

Roy Marcot collector of and expert on Remington and Spencer arms and author of several books on arms collecting.

Charles Pate an authority on the Model 1860 Colt Army and it's usage in the Civil War.

Jason Baldwin is a dealer in and authority on Bowie Knives and weapons of the American Indian

Jim Buchanan Is our UK resident expert and a tireless researcher of all things British

Dr. Dan LeClair is our Cartidge Column specialist

Wayne Driskill is a dealer in and expert on miniature arms

Michael Zomber follows and reports on market trends